ANBI status

ANBI status

Summit Research Foundation has ANBI status.

An institution that has ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status is exempt from gift and inheritance tax. In addition, donations to an ANBI institution are deductible from income or corporate taxes. Refer to the IRS website for further information on the tax rules for ANBI institutions.

RSIN and contact information

Our tax number, RSIN number is 864696620
Contact information:
Address: Tormentillaan 2, 9413 AW Beilen
Phone number: 06-47494611


Summit Research aims to contribute to innovative dental research, thereby taking dentistry to a higher level. By making this research more visible to the outside world, Summit Research wants more and more dentists to learn about and apply the bioemulative approach in restorative dentistry in particular.

To accomplish this contribution, the foundation aims to:

  • Raising funds for independent dental research.
  • The performance of all further actions, which are related to the above in the broadest sense or may be conducive to it.

Outlines of the policy plan

The research is mainly about restorative dentistry and is very practically oriented. One example of research co-funded by the foundation concerns the usability of an adhesive when it is past its expiration date. This showed that after 2 years past the date, the adhesive is still usable. This can provide cost savings in practice as well as reduced environmental impact.

The foundation seeks to achieve its purpose by, among other things:

  • providing information
  • providing publications
  • providing courses
  • holding lectures and talks
  • organizing seminars, symposia, excursions, trips, exhibitions and similar events

The activities for the coming period are focused on further expanding brand awareness, strengthening the group and further setting up the website. Also, research continues so that there is a continuous flow of new innovative information for website visitors.

Report exercised activities

The annual report outlines the activities performed. We also publish the activities on this website and on our social media platforms. In addition, we notify members of our community of new activities and developments through newsletters.

Financial Accountability

Summit Research Foundation’s financial statements can be found in the annual report.

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