Composite case 4


Predictably more beautiful teeth


Predictably more beautiful teeth

Question about grooming

Mrs. is a professional musician and would like to make her teeth predictably more beautiful.


Because Mrs. wanted her teeth to be a little lighter too, a bleaching treatment was done first. With a bit worn at night, all teeth were bleached a few shades lighter. Then, with the help of light photographs and impressions, the teeth were washed up on a plaster model in the correct shape and length.

Then, using a special mold (which fits exactly over the plaster model), we very predictably built the teeth into the correct shape and length.

The composite restorations are layered in multiple (4-5) colors per tooth. Working with different colors and applying the right shape and gloss creates the beautiful and natural result.


  • Dr. Marco Gresnigt (composite restorations)


  • Bleaching treatment done with Opalessence
  • Isolation done with Isodam
  • Teeth treated with sandblasting from Aquacare
  • Restorations with composite from 3M ESPE (Filtek Supreme XTE)
  • Treatment with Opmipico Microscope Zeiss

Smile before and after

Do you also want predictably more beautiful teeth?

Composite case 4
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